Has the latest series of House Rules got you all fired up to give home renovation a shot? Whether you’re completely new to it or already have a few projects under your belt, there are some guidelines that should always be followed.

Get your next project off to a good start by avoiding these six no-no’s when it comes to home renovation:

1. Not enough preparation

Planning is essential for keeping a reno project on budget and on time – and for ensuring the finished work meets your expectations. Make sure you agree everything in writing with your contractor, including a detailed plan and timeline to show how the project is expected to progress.

2. Impulse buying

It’s easy to get carried away with buying before you’re ready – especially when there’s a sale on! But purchasing before planning can cost you more in the long run if you end up with the wrong size or quantity of something, so be patient and take the time to work out your requirements in full before you hit the shops.

3. Plastering over a problem

At some point in your home reno journey you’ll probably come across some unexpected issues. It could be anything from dodgy wiring to damp patches, but the same rule applies: don’t just try to cover it up and ignore it in an attempt to save money – it’ll come back to bite you in the long run! Get any problems dealt with properly and professionally as soon as they crop up.

4. Cutting corners

As above, getting a job done properly will deliver better long-term results than doing it as quickly and cheaply as possible. Tempting as it may be to take shortcuts to save money, soon enough the cracks will begin to show and you’ll end up with even more work to do. Invest in competent tradesmen and quality materials so the work stands the test of time.

5. Choosing the wrong people

This again comes down to price vs. quality, and while it might be cheapest to hire a jack of all trades to work on your renovation, you could end up with a botched – or even illegal – job. Projects involving electrics, gas, plumbing, HVAC, asbestos removal and structural changes must be completed by a professional with a licence in that specific trade.

6. DIY

It’s great to be hands-on when it comes to renovating your home, but be realistic about what you can do yourself. Although YouTube demos may convince you that you can conquer tiling and plastering, when you take into account time, stress, and potential for costly mistakes, you might be better off just handing the job over to a professional.

And above all, don’t forget to enjoy the process as you transform your home into a place you love!