The Loop Big 6: The hidden risks of buying at auction with pre-approved finance

The Loop Big 6

At Loop Financial we receive a lot of question around mortgages, finance, property investment, refinancing, first home buying and more.  Our clients being informed is one of our biggest priorities here at Loop, so we’ve put together some information on the 6 biggest client questions we receive.  These include houses, units and other forms of real estate investment property.

We’re a straight talking, uncomplicated kind of bunch and whilst we can get a little overexcited about what we do, we try to keep that side of us under wraps… or for special occasions.

We’ve got the financial smarts, the stats and the know-how but what makes us pretty bloody good, is that we’ve been there ourselves.

We get it and we actually give a damn. We’re not going to tell you to do something that we wouldn’t do with our own money; in fact we’re not going to tell you what to do full stop! It’s all about loading you up with the right knowledge and tools, so you can gain the smarts to make your own financial decisions.

At Loop, we believe it pays to know more.

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