We’re just a bunch of real people, who love what we do and are
passionate about seeing you succeed.

We talk your language

When it comes to finance, most people tend to run in the opposite direction for fear of being stuck in a conversation of endless waffle and uninspiring PowerPoint presentations….which often make as much sense as a penguin in the desert.

Whilst we may be highly experienced with a few smarts to prove it, we can guarantee that we won’t talk to you in Swahili a.k.a. Finance lingo.

We also won’t blow smoke up your skirt and tell you what you want to hear…at Loop we tell it like it is.

For us it’s about keeping it real, being less robotic and breaking the stereo-type of boring finance people!

We’re passionate

Yes, we’ve been there, done that and SURPRISE, we actually give a damn about you and want you to make the right financial choices.

From our own experiences, we know that getting the right support is key when making any important decisions about finance and property. We take our obligations super seriously to ensure you are borrowing confidently for whatever life may throw at you.

We’re also pretty passionate about building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients and whilst we won’t physically hold your hand (as that may get a bit awkward), you can count on us being there every step of the way.

We work with the best

Yes, we know our stuff! Our team, both professionally and personally, have a wealth of experience in buying, developing, selling and financing all types of property; in various cycles of the economic market.

We understand finance from the seemingly basic to the far more complex requirements; including any fancy trusts or complicated financial positions that may seem to others like Einstein’s theory of relativity!

Without sounding like know-it-alls, we then work out a rock solid approach to achieve finance approvals in line with credit policy from anything straightforward to the more complex. We get a real kick out of working with a multitude of lender credit policies for the best possible solutions. Yes, our super clever team has earned some serious “Street-Cred” in our quality work and are very proud to toot our own horn on this!

In saying that, whilst we might be bloody good at most things, we don’t pretend to be good at everything! It’s extremely important to draw from lots of clever minds when financing and purchasing property and why we have developed strong alliances with property industry specialists on asset protection, estate planning, risk management, buyer’s advocacy, conveyancing, financial planning and accounting. We can also work with your current advisory team or align you with specialist ‘number crunchers’ to provide you additional support/peace of mind.

It’s a bit like giving you a warm cup of milk to help you sleep at night.

It’s our mission to make a real difference in our industry and your life!

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